Dual OIS optical stabilisation for lightning-fast shots.
    METAVERTU, with superb performance for all aspects,gets work and life balance with one hand.


    METAVERTU is the world 1st web3.0 phone. I was so excited to get this sleek carbon fiber handset in my hands!


    A Security & Privacy Focused Phone! You will never worry about information leakage again.

  • #iVERTU

    The ultimate is in refinement.
    iVERTU, not only good-looking but also with good experience, just for you to be impressed!.


    The classic black and white colour 

    scheme, the prestigious ceramic 

    Clous De Paris and the luxurious

    leather back cover reveal an

    elegant gesture in the atmosphere.


    Combines rare leather and scratch-resistant ceramic back frame together to let beauty and intelligence be sublimated again.

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