VERTU is ready to start a new journey

VERTU is ready to start a new journey

VERTU is ready to start a new journey

On October 24, VERTU’s new Web3 mobile phone METAVERTU was successfully released in London. To pay tribute to Nokia, the theme of the campaign is “connecting people”, which aims to return data governance to the people and integrate the pioneering concept of equality and freedom into consistent luxury and high-quality products.

The momentum for Web 3.0 to be the future is growing. Therefore, how to help users fulfil the seamless transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0 has become a major problem in the mobile industry. With our spirit of challenge, METAVERTU firstly created the concept of CNCOS, which is a “5-dimensional integrated ecosystem,” combining chips, smart terminals, blockchain, OS and services in a single mobile handset, partnering with Ethereum to provide integrated ecological services.

Meanwhile, METAVERTU’s appearance design is ingenious, not only continuing our luxurious craftsmanship, including the use of diamonds, gold finishes, and precious leather but also providing customized services to show the user’s fashion style. In terms of hardware and ecological construction, we have also put more effort into METAVERTU, including the improvement of storage space, excellent camera system, fast charging design etc., see below for more details.

Powerful hardware upgrades

Hardware features on METAVERTU include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8GEN1 chip, up to 18GB RAM+1TB ROM, and a triple camera system with high-quality lens. The regular METAVERTU has a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with 400ppi and 144hz refresh rate. Also, METAVERTU is equipped with an upgraded 64-megapixel lens and a 4,600mAh battery, which can charge up to 99 per cent in 20 minutes. High-spec hardware is the foundation of our web3 phones.

Double security chips for high net-worth individuals

Cryptocurrency exchange on Binance had a security scandal in October 2022, with $570 million stolen. This reminds us of those new technologies also come with new risks. Considering that most of our clients are high net-worth individuals, the safety of our products is particularly important.

The METAVERTU has been designed to address these security issues, with a built-in blockchain chip based on SE+TEE architecture. This chip is the same as a microcomputer which meets the security specifications of top-tier international financial institutions, as well as offering other ultra-secure features such as anti-intrusion sensors and a restricted physical security boundary inside the phone. By combining proprietary software and hardware, the METAVERTU can protect the security and privacy of every consumer’s device.

Your phone is also your mining machine

In METAVERTU, we integrated mobile nodes for crypto, so that users can easily participate in the Web3 ecosystem. At this point, Ethereum has tried to abandon the original mining model on the server and switch to running nodes like METAVERTU, which operates in a decentralized way and reduces the carbon footprint of Ethereum by 99.95% to be more environmental friendly. Furthermore, smartphones as the most common device of consumer technology today can undertake the portal for users to enter the web3 world, and the potential that can be released is huge.

Seamless switch between Web2.0 and Web3.0

Although Web 3.0 is the foreseeable future, its development still takes a long time. Therefore, after realizing that, METAVERTU designs a one-key switching function to help users to toggle between Web2.0 and Web3.0 modes. Benefits of our Web3.0 operating system include instantaneous NFT generation, self-contained peer-to-peer encrypted communication and a curated range of DAPP applications. Based on the above innovations, METAVERTU allows users to enjoy the innovation of Web3.0 without losing the familiarity of Web2.0, which is also our core pursuit.

NFT pass added to upgrade concierge service

As a high-end luxury brand, VERTU’s concierge service has always been the core of brands, it is also no exception in this one. In addition to all previous services (from hotel reservations to gift purchases), the METAVERTU concierge has a new NFT PASS membership, including Web 3.0 courses and early access to a high-value whitelist, services will only be upgraded rather than absent.

Pre-order now, shipping on November 3rd

In the pricing of this flagship Web3 phone, we give people more choices. Therefore, METAVERTU is available in six models, starting at £2,980 in carbon fibre, and from £5,998 to £36,998 in high-quality alligator leather. In addition, METAVERTU supports multiple purchase methods, including VERTU stores, VERTU official website (WWW.VERTU.COM) . Order now for worldwide delivery on November 3rd.

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