A bag better than a Birkin is a bag made for you

A bag better than a Birkin is a bag made for you

Few people can resist the temptation of a bag, because it is not only beautiful, but also a status symbol.

What style a person is and what class they belong to, you can understand just by looking at the bag. But in a crowd of bags, Hermes' birkin is always at the top.

Not everyone has a Birkin, but every urban beauty is chasing a Birkin.
So what makes a Birkin bag overshadowed?
Customized bag.

1.Customized bag, legendary bag hidden in the city
While birkin bags are essential, in the context of personalization, no label is the biggest label of this era.

In the past, the way to identify rich women was very simple, Hermes with fur. But now, the rich woman in the new era does not have a logo all over her body, especially on the bags.Those bags that you can't tell what brand they are, but look good, belong to her alone, and no one else can buy them for money.

In an era when bags have become the "focus" of luxury brands, custom bags feel a little hidden from the world. However, this does not prevent it from becoming a legendary bag, because it is really difficult to customize a satisfactory bag.

First of all, it is very difficult to find craftsmen who can really make advanced customization of leather goods.

Although the craftsmen always modestly say that they are only tailors, they often have a deep family heritage, and have been familiar with the production since childhood, and have already mastered the skills.

Secondly, they have to have a good enough aesthetic.

It is not enough for a good craftsman to be able to make bags, they must also have a good enough aesthetic. And to achieve such conditions, they have to study everywhere, very familiar with fashion and art.

For this reason, custom bags are an unattainable legend for many people.

If you like Birkins, you can always get them eventually with enough patience and supply. But if you want to customize a bag, you don't know how long it will take to screen the craftsman, Even if you are lucky enough to find a craftsman, and then run in with him for customization needs, you really don't know when the bag is finally in hand.

2.Unique, exclusive to your customized bag

Although there are certain thresholds for custom bags, the more unattainable things are, the easier it is to arouse people's possessiveness.
In the past two years, the demand for customized bags has been increasing, and many luxury brands have launched personalized customization services.The customization service is actually printing the owner's name or the logo specified by the buyer on the bag.

This kind of service is actually a test of advanced customization, and has achieved good market feedback. Soon, major luxury brands launched their own high-end private services, that is, high-end leather goods customization.
The price and threshold of high-end leather goods customization are very high, but many people are still rushing for it, and those who have customized it once often customize it many times.

According to the personal experience of some customization enthusiasts, we can find that their love for customized bags is actually the pursuit of personalization and freedom.

Compared with the fixed version of popular bags, when customizing advanced leather goods, you can choose any bag type you want.

The bag you like does not have to be a symbol of identity, any material, any bag type, as long as you want it can be customized for you.

In addition, you can also embed your name into the inside of the bag. From the moment you get it, it is the ultimate limited edition that belongs to you alone.

3.VERTU, customized for you with years of ingenuity

VERTU has been dedicated to the protection of craftsmen and crafts since its inception. We are good at making leather goods and work with top craftsmen all over the world.

For customers with more personalized needs, VERTU leather customization can realize your dreams and creativity, and create a real label for you. So what can VERTU do?

A.Customized phone

Since its establishment in 1998, VERTU has been making mobile phones for more than two decades. We were the first luxury mobile phone brand in the world and the first to launch a custom mobile phone.In the field of advanced customization of mobile phones, VERTU is already the uncrowned king.

VERTU selects top leather materials worldwide and arranges the most suitable top craftsmen for customers according to their needs. In addition to leather goods, VERTU can also inlay jewelry on mobile phones according to demand.

B. Bags and belts

VERTU takes advantage of its own brand to promote the exchange of craftsmen from all over the world, and gives professional suggestions on the production process and design process.

We have gathered a number of top international craftsmen, who are managers with more than 20 years of experience in product design and craftsmen with many years of experience in leather goods production. They not only have deep precipitation in the design of leather bags, but also accumulated rich production experience. VERTU is infused with ingenuity, taking into account fashion and classics.

With years of pursuit and understanding of the ultimate craftsmanship of handmade leather goods, VERTU and the craftsmen have enough ability to turn your imagination into reality, and create a leather goods product with your temperament label according to your own style.

Whether it's a small wallet, card case, or a briefcase or tote bag that is commonly used at work, your "dream bag" is here.

At VERTU, the only thing that can be limited is your imagination.

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