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Signature is handcrafted using the finest rare materials, there are over 25 types of screw in each Signature, accuracy usually only seen in luxury watches, not only desirable but of unmatched durability and unparalleled quality.

Using 83 carats of sapphire crystal to create the stunning seven-piece Signature face, the "sea of sapphire" takes more than two weeks to produce in a 2000ºC furnace. The screen is also made of sapphire, the second-hardest natural material after diamond, almost impossible to scratch.

Our patented ruby key pad contains 4.75 carats of solid ruby bearings, each cut and set in its exact place like a jewel.

Made from solid gold and stamped with the Vertu and Swiss Assay Office hallmarks, the Hot-Swap SIM drawer allows you to change SIM cards without powering off your device.

The Signature’s keys are tested with over one million presses, constructed of resilient ceramic, similar to the material used in the disc brakes of sports cars, the pillow earpiece is incredibly tough while smooth and comfortable.

Signature comes with exclusive ring tones and alert tones created by the world- famous London Symphony Orchestra, these exclusive sounds are a distinct expression of your individuality.